Wednesday, April 17, 2013

MacBook Pro Survives a Six-Foot Drop onto Airplane Floor, Seems Fine

I love the Lowepro Pro Roller carryons.  The one I have has a open-ended pocket which lets me put a laptop or iPad into the carryon quickly.   This pocket is elastic, and holds the laptop and other flat items pretty securely.  The only problem is that the top is open -- there's no strap or way to close up that open end.  I was boarding a plane, swung my Pro Roller up into the overhead bin -- and wham!  my MacBook Pro dropped out of the carryon, landing like a brick. 

I opened it up in a panic to make sure it was still working.  It seemed to be fine.  It's two weeks later, and I am using it as usual.  I hope that I am not jinxing it now that I am writing this.  Thanks Apple for making a great product (and for the hard drive sensor thing, which I assumed saved my hard drive). 

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