Wednesday, April 17, 2013

AT&T GoPhone Service Has Two Web Portals for Account Summary and Auto-Pay Setup

If you are a user of the AT&T GoPhone service (which I use myself and recommend for folks who don’t want to spend more than $10 per month or so on a cell phone):

There’s a lot of confusion regarding how to refill these phones online and how to set your phone for automatic payment.  This is because AT&T has two separate web pages to do these things.  

Here's a comment from Amazon regarding this problem: 
"But my biggest gripe is AT&Ts service. The website for the AT&T go phones is difficult to navigate, has limited payment options, and for someone who is used to a no contract monthly Virgin Mobile Plan, it's almost a burden to use. Go phone payment plans require you to fund an account upfront for a set dollar amount. My issue is you can't set up monthly automatic payments. I've tried, for two months now. Also, changing the data plan is awkward. "

Here's the solution:

1.  The web page to add money manually, keep track of your account, minutes left, date of expiration of your minutes, and to see your account summary is at:

You can also use links on this page to add features like a texting plan (eg, 200 texts for $4.99 for 30 days).  You can also put money into your account from here, but you most definitely cannot set up your account for automatic payment here.  There is a link that says “Automatic Feature Renewal” on this page, but that is for renewing feature packages like text packages, not for automatically paying, say, $25 every three months to keep your minutes active. 

2.  The web page to set up your account for autopay is at:

Is this ridiculous?  Yes.  Is it hard?  Now that you know that you have to go to a separate page to set up autopayment, it should not be that hard. 

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