Saturday, April 6, 2013

A Tip if You Are Traveling Through Maui Airport (OGG)

I love Maui, and indeed, all the Hawaiian Airlines.  The one thing that I don't like about visiting the Islands is the long wait to get through security, that I've experienced in both Kona and Maui.  In Kona, after you get through security, you have a long wait in an outside area that can be very hot and crowded.  There's a small restaurant in Kona, but it's usually full.  Not a good experience, but I have not been back there in several years. 

The Maui airport is more comfortable and larger, but here's a tip.  At the OGG airport in Maui, there is a main security line which is always long and crowded.  It’s the first line after you check in for your flights.  If you look around, however, you will see signs for  “security checkpoint 2”.  You should confirm that there is a second security line with an agent, then continue walking another 50 yards, and you will be in a peaceful, uncrowded security line with two X-ray machines.  I got through in 5 minutes.  In the main line, I’ve stood there for an hour on a good day.  

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