Monday, June 17, 2013

How to play a .dvdmedia file on a Windows machine

This is a common question.  Mac users may create .dvdmedia files.  These .dvdmedia files are created on Macs and are easily opened by default with Apple's DVDPlayer application.

To open a .dvdmedia file on a Windows machine is almost as easy:


This problem is one of the simplest problem to solve... In windows
anyname.dvdmedia will open as any other folder, inside should be
VIDEO_TS folder, open it, then there will be many files with file
extensions *.IFO, *.BUP, *.VOB; you can open any of these files with
Windows Media Player, it will open the entire movie, don't worry about
it. For the first time you have to double click the file, then Windows
will prompt you to open the file with a program or search in internet to
a proper program, just click on Open With... then select Windows Media
Player or whatever media player that can play DVD movies. Now, if you
open the .VOB file with Windows Media Player, all files like this in the
entire system will be opened with Windows Media Player the next time you
open them.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Unclear on the Concept: My Favorite Ads and Marketing Emails That Don't Get It

I hope that this will become a regular addition to my blog. I'll post these items as they come across my In Box or desktop.

Here's a good one.  A customer places her first order on  Everything goes fine, the customer receives the order quickly, and she took advantage of the offer on's website, which is "orders over $25 ship free."

A week later, the company follows up with an email entitled "Get Free Shipping on your next order".  Wow, she thinks.  I am going to take advantage of this free shipping.  The email (attached) states:

"get free shipping 
on any order of $35 or more*"

The email is at right.

Hmmm, she thinks.  Didn't I get free shipping for about the same last time?  She checks the site, and the home page says:

"everyday free shipping
how it works
1. Place at least $25 of eligible or™ products in your shopping bag.*
2. Proceed to checkout. Free standard shipping will automatically be applied."

Way to go,  Offer free shipping for an order over $25 to anyone who visits your site.  But for your SPECIAL customers, send them an email telling them how much you appreciate them.  You appreciate them so much that you give them a WORSE deal than a "stranger."

With friends like -- who needs enemas?  (sic)