Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I Love to Travel

Why does every airplane flight turn into a 16-hour ordeal? Every time this happens, you say NEVER AGAIN. The waits are interminable. Your butt starts hurting. The food choices are awful. The bathrooms have piss all over the floor and the seats, and the toilets are full of piss, shit, and toilet paper. You have been on the road, in the air, or sitting on your ass on a bus or airplane or shuttle for 16 hours now, for a rinky dink 6-hour flight. Your skin is all oily and you have BO. Your clothes stink and your balls are clinging to your thighs. The seams in your clothes are starting to cause rashes and pimples at certain choice locations. Your hair is greasy and oily. Your feet are hot and your shoes stink. Your feet have swollen and your gout has attacked. You try washing your hands, but the soap in the dispensers is crap and the water either doesn't turn on or gushes, splattering your pants so you look like you've pissed yourself. You have become a sheep. Sheep.

All this for what?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bad, Bad, Bad Corporate Websites

How many times have you gone to register at a company's website (something they try to force you to do), only to have to fill out the website's forms with all kinds of information, only to be told AFTER THE FACT that your username, password, etc has to be in a certain form. Ridiculous.

Here's an example from an insurance company. They tell you to type in your policy number exactly as it appears on your paperwork. When you do that, you find that you can't enter all the digits! Only after a few more minutes of research and trying do you find out that, in fact, you should not type in the dashes. So why tell the user to "type in your policy number exactly as it appears on your policy" if that policy number includes dashes?