Saturday, August 29, 2015

Discounted Rates from La Quinta Seaworld in San Diego

I spend a lot of time in San Diego, and I've been looking for a place where I can stay along with my two dogs -- 70-lb Labrador retrievers.  I am one of those dog-crazy people.

I like La Quinta hotels because when I am driving somewhere with my dogs, I can pretty much count on La Quinta hotels to allow me and my two dogs at no extra charge.  There's no fake "pet-friendly" policy where you make a reservation only to find upon reading the fine print that only dogs under 15 pounds named "Fluffy" are allowed.  There's no usurious pet cleaning fee of $150 that is applied and is nonrefundable.

The sales manager at the La Quinta Seaworld in San Diego reached out to me and offered me discounted rates at their hotel.  I stayed there for a few days this year.  It's not a five star luxury hotel, but the price was great for such a large room.  I stayed there during their summer season (without my dogs) in a king 2-room suite.  The room had two separate rooms, but no door between the rooms.  The toilet and bathtub were in the bedroom area, as was the sink (outside of the bathroom).  In the living room, separated by a wall but no door, was a sleeper sofa, a second TV, and a small breakfast nook area with microwave, fridge, and sink.  For $99 to $109 per night, for a 2-BR suite in San Diego during the summer season, this was a great deal.

Anyone who mentions my business name (Norbert Wu Productions) can get reduced rates on queen or king suites all this year and through 2016.  The rates and conditions are below. 

Some tips:
1.  My Garmin consistently gave me the wrong exit when trying to get to this hotel, from the west.  It would direct me to take the exit just before the correct one.  When you are going east on Highway 8, when you get near the hotel, you want to take the Mission Center Road exit to Auto Circle -- NOT the exit right before this, which is Hwy 163. 

Better yet, use Waze or Google Maps, which seem to give the correct directions.

2.  This is by no means a luxury hotel.  It's a motel.  It's fairly inexpensive, but it seemed relatively clean (no hotel rooms are really clean) and safe.

3. Get a room toward the back, which is quieter, except for noise from the pool in the back of the property.  There are two buildings surrounding a central outside parking lot.  There is also an underground parking lot.  I would try to get a room on the lowest floor, towards the back of the buildings.  Then use the outside parking lot.  The hotel property slopes UP to the back, so if you have a room near the front lobby, then you face a fairly long flight of stairs to get to rooms in the front.  If you have a room in the back, then you have to scale only a very short flight of stairs to get to the first floor of rooms.  This is always hugely important for me, since I have a great deal of gear.

The elevator is very slow and did not work the night that I checked in.  I had a room at the back of the building, which turned out to work out great.  I could go past the pool, around the back of the building, to my room, without having to wait for the elevator or lug my 12 cases up the long flight of stairs at the front.

The outside parking lot, between the two buildings, is far more convenient than parking in the underground parking lots.  There's only one elevator in each building -- at the front -- a long hike if you park underground and then have a room in the back of the building.

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