Saturday, April 17, 2010

creative cow community for video folks -- dang, weird place

On 4/17/10 12:41 PM, Ron Lindeboom wrote:
> We get lots of these temporary email account sign-ups, Norbert, and we
> turn them off.
> Yes, we are indeed autocratic and we also don't apologize for it. We
> spent over 8 million dollars building this and we do it our way.
> Weren't impressed by us? We weren't impressed by you, either.
> This site isn't on auto-pilot. And just as you are offended by
> autocratic site admins, we are offended by people who think all our
> work and effort is spam.
> Please don't feel the need to contribute if you don't want to, we have
> over 2 million people a month that do. We keep the serious ones who
> sign up for real and we toss the others. We call it "culling the herd."
>> What?
>> What kind of message is this to send to a new user?
>> Has an email sent to temp2@***.com bounced yet?
>> Is there a reason to give a new user this negative feeling of having
>> joined some kind of autocratic organization?
>> I am a 25-year veteran of photography and filmmaking. I have
>> multiple email addresses to avoid spam. I have a lot to contribute to
>> a forum, but this message, and the incredible amount of
>> administrative governance that I've encountered so far make me far
>> less inclined to contribute to this forum or to even visit it. Just
>> posting my first thread and getting a warning every time I posted a
>> reply that it would be monitored, as well as the arrogance exhibited
>> by one of your "experts", has left a very bad taste in my mouth.
>> Wow. I am not impressed with Creative Cow.
>> Norb
On 4/17/10 11:16 AM, Ron Lindeboom wrote:
Hello Norbert,

I wanted to point out that the account using temp2@***.com will be
deactivated the first time that the email bounces.

That is our policy.

Best regards,

The COW Team

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