Tuesday, July 14, 2009

EyeTV hybrid product causes problems

My webmaster had a problem a few weeks ago where Quicktime clips that he was putting on my website had green poster (preview) frames.

I noticed this also. It was random. Today, however, just about every single video clip in my library on my Mac Pro started turning green.

I found this solution on the web, and it solved my problem.

> I too can confirm this, though I am using iMovie HD and showing green thumbs.
> After moving the "eyetv mpeg support.component" out of the folder and
> re-importing the video clip, thumb shows up fine. bummer eyetv affects it like
> that.

All my clips are fine again. I did not even have to reimport them.

I am not at all happy with EyeTV-- not only this problem, but many others. Admittedly, I have an older EyeTV Hybrid stick that has seen its share of use, but still - too many problems for a Mac product.

Why should this software affect all my video source files? That's terrible in and of itself.

I could not believe how clunky the EyeTV software was. It was terrible. If you moved the resulting recorded TV segment, the software would follow it. It usually would not record correctly as scheduled due to conflicts that you would never see. The quality of the recorded picture is terrible, far worse than what I get with a similar setup on a PC. The Titan TV schedule was OK, but for the past two years, I could never see what was on ABC! It always said "local programming" for that channel.

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