Tuesday, April 12, 2016

AT&T Customer Survey Hell: Please Take a Survey to Tell Us Why You Won't Take Our Survey

Switched to AT&T U-Verse -- and Barraged by Spam and Marketing Calls and Emails!  ARRGH!!!

I decided to lower my bills for my landline phone and internet service.  I have had a copper landline for 20 years with AT&T, and the bill kept going up and up for basic limited service.  It started at about $10 and was now $35 per month with all the taxes and dubious fees.

I have had internet with Comcast, and they kept raising the price on me also.  So I decided to switch to AT&T U-Verse service for my phone and internet.  I could no longer get DSL from AT&T, and after research, it was apparent that once I cancelled my copper landline service from AT&T, I would never get it back.  But it was time.

I called, and I got U-Verse phone and internet service for a bargain rate for the next 12 months.  The technician came out to our house and strung in a new line, and was very professional.  I was able to get the internet and phone up and running the same day, and the entire process took just a couple of hours.   Now I have to rent a special AT&T modem, rather than being able to use a cable or DSL modem that I can buy from Fry's or Amazon -- which sucks.  But I'll just switch back to Comcast in a year. 

Unfortunately, AT&T has since barraged me with marketing emails and calls from both their marketing departments AND given out my new phone number to spam callers like cruise companies.  Before the installation day, we got about six calls from AT&T telling us to put the installation day and time in our calendar.  After getting the new phone service, I had to go onto my AT&T account page and block a bunch of AT&T marketing numbers from calling.  The phone was ringing and ringing until I learned to block all the AT&T marketing calls.  What a hassle.

Now AT&T is deluging my email inbox with marketing emails and requests for me to take a survey.  I HATE SURVEYS.  Hey big companies: it's not difficult to find out what your customers think of you -- just look at some forums.  Don't bother your customers endlessly with surveys -- it's pretty easy to figure out what good, professional, efficient customer service is.   Too bad AT&T is synonymous with BAD customer service.  Some companies just can't figure it out. 

Here's the email I got from AT&T today.  Their reply when I unsubscribed is so outrageous and ridiculous that I actually laughed.  Take a look.

Here's the email:

So I clicked unsubscribe in the email.  This took me to a web page where I was asked if I was sure that I wanted to unsubscribe.  When I said yes, a web page popped up -- asking me to participate in a survey as to why I wanted to unsubscribe from their survey!  Jesus -- when will this end?!!

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