Saturday, December 26, 2015

Really Annoying Security Password Questions -- Are We Children or Adults?

Look, banks and hotels, and other companies.  I understand that your software guys need to prevent hacking, and part of that is to force me to use "good" passwords and provide answers to security questions that are not already out there.

But how about making it easier for us customers?  For instance, if you are going to require a complicated password that requires at least one special character, one uppercase letter, and numbers, then how about telling us the requirements up front, rather than having us type in a password and just telling us that the password is "not sufficient."  Arrgh.

Even more annoying are the lame security questions that ask us our "favorites".  Listen, I may have had a favorite color or favorite teacher when I was a kid.  However, I am now an adult.  I have many cities that I like, but no favorite city.  I have many vacation destinations, countries to visit, airlines to use, foods that I like, but no "favorites".   So your asking me these childish questions is useless and frustrating, because if I am forced to supply answers to such questions, I will forget what I put down later.  I am an adult, and I don't have "favorites" any longer.

Here's a really annoying, lame example from a hotel chain:

Please.  Enough is enough.

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