Sunday, November 16, 2014

Trip to See and Photograph Great Hammerhead Sharks This February 2015

Hi Diving Friends:

I would like you to know that I will be participating (as part of the trip group, not as a trip leader) on a trip to see and photograph great hammerhead sharks.  The trip dates are  February 15-21, 2015.  Trip participants will fly into and stay on Bimini Island and going out on a boat by day.  Contact Joe Romeiro for more information about the trip at 

I've seen images of great hammerhead sharks from this area, and they are stunning.  These are big sharks, stunningly bizarre and beautiful up close.  Here's a tip from one of my underwater photographer friends, “If you want great great hammerhead images, go with Joe Romeiro.  The others cannot deliver what he can.  That is my advice.” 

I'll be on the trip as a “regular” diver and will be happy to give scathing criticism of other divers' photos and to incessantly show my images and talk about them in favorable terms as well.  Just joking.

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