Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I Try to Be Nice, Really, But....

I mentioned in an earlier blog post (or perhaps in my Facebook page) that I get few enough letters from kids now that I try to respond to them.  In the past, it was simply impossible to reply to all of them.  Oh, here's the earlier blog post:

I recently sent a card and a note to a Jacob, who wrote me and had an address of "400 Deering Avenue, Portland, ME  04103." 
The card was returned to me with a note: "need full name" with the standard USPS label of "return to sender, not deliverable as addressed."  
I hate having my efforts wasted like this, so I looked the address up.  It belongs to Temple Beth El:  Temple Beth El is a welcoming congregation of over 300 families in Portland, Maine, affiliated with United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism. TBE is an open and inviting kehilla (community) in which each congregant can find an opportunity for individually meaningful religious expression. 
Hey, Temple Beth El -- maybe one of your folks can let Jacob see that I replied to him.  Hey, I tried.  

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