Friday, June 20, 2014

Fan Mail from Kids Always Brightens My Day

I've been trying to answer letters from kids these days.  It was hard to do back when I was writing and supplying lots of photographs for childrens' books.  I still have a filing cabinet full of letters that I hope to photograph one of these days. 

This is for all the adults who think that I am mean and crochety.  I can be if other adults get in my face.  But how mean can I really be if I've lived the past 25 years with Labrador retrievers and reply to letters from kids?  And if you are a mean adult person, then don't sue me (yes, this happened) if you get in my face and then get an equal reaction from me.  Kids, I like.  Adult a--holes, I don't like and there are too many of them these days. 

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