Tuesday, May 13, 2014

These Great Diving Operations Have Space

I'm often asked about good places to dive and good operations to dive with. I can recommend the following operations that recently sent me a newsletter or email as being great diving operations:

Fiji and Tonga (humpback whales): The Nai'a is a great diving liveaboard, from all I've heard. They've invited me a few times over the years, but I've never managed to make it. Still, plenty of friends have vouched for it – so I recommend here. In a recent newsletter, they mentioned that they still have space for their Tonga humpback whale trips and their Fiji coral reef trips:


If you don't mind cold water, diving the waters of British Columbia and Alaska are special. The
abundance of marine life there is astounding. I highly recommend two operations to dive the waters around British Columbia: the Nautilus Explorer and the Swell, both liveaboards run by Mike Lever; and God's Pocket Resort, a land-based diving resort run by Bill Weeks and Annie Ceschi.

I just received a newsletter from God's Pocket announcing that they have availability to stay through the rest of 2014 and 2015.


My good friend Douglas Seifert is hosting a trip to God's Pocket from  August 30 - Sept 5, 2015. I hope he does not mind me mentioning this trip.

I also just received a newsletter from the Nautilus Explorer folks that they are offering 40% off (limited space) their June Alaska trips! The Swell will do her final Alaska and BC dive adventures as of this December. I have been on the Nautilus Explorer for numerous trips. I have not been on the Swell but am sure that the same great service and diving that I've always experienced on the Nautilus Explorer are available on the Swell.


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