Thursday, February 21, 2013

California Database of Unclaimed Property is Easy to Use

California has a database of unclaimed property.  It is easy to use.  

The search database is at:

I was surprised at how easy this was to use.  I saw that my wife and a few friends had some claims coming to them (old stock dividends, car company rebates or refunds, etc).   One friend had five claims for over $500.  I had nothing. 

If you fill in a claim form, you should get the funds.

Take a few seconds to check this database.  I checked this database after reading a San Jose Mercury News article about it, which mentioned various tech celebrities that were included in this database.  I checked Steve Wozniak (one of my favorite people in the tech world) and I see that Apple owes him a bit over $5!  Really, Apple can't find Steve Wozniak?  

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