Sunday, January 27, 2013

Marine Conservation Images

In 2001, I was awarded a Pew Marine Conservation Fellowship, a great honor.  I used the grant to travel around the world for three years, documenting marine conservation issues.

Some of the resulting images were published in a large-format book that sold out quickly and has since become a collector's item (selling on Ebay for $400 a copy), Diving the World.

I recently realized that the link that I have been giving only showed a small subset of the images that resulted from the fellowship. The link below gives a more complete picture of all the stories and images that resulted from that fellowship.

If you are interested in marine conservation issues, these images show some of the most pressing issues today.

Our office has about 20 copies of Diving the World left.  Contact us (our contact information can be found at our website if you are interested in purchasing one of the last available new copies.

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