Sunday, October 14, 2012

Q and A: compressing video for email and the web

Here’s a question and answer about compressing video for email and the web:

> Norb:
> You sent a shot of a jawfish with eggs last month.  What compression settings did you 
>  use?  I thought it looked pretty good and it downloaded almost immediately.


Have you used MPEG Streamclip?  I find it awesome and simple, but not a highly talked about program for some reason.

I trimmed the jawfish shot in MPEG Streamclip, then put it through FCP Color Correction, then converted the resulting Quicktime HD file using MPEG Streamclip to .mp4 file.

You know you can cmd-I (Get Info) on a video file, and it will pull up an info window?  I attach the info window for the file I sent you.  I had MPEG Streamclip convert the 1080p file from FCP to 640 x 360 mpeg-4.

I attach a screengrab of the settings from MPEG Streamclip.  I chose FILE-->EXPORT TO MPEG-4, then in the resulting window chose Other (640 x 360 -- this was not a choice originally, and that was it.  The Frame Size choices may have been different and I believe change according to what you are working on.  I just dragged the finished video into the program as an example and I believe it filled in the 640 x 360 fields, which were not there before.

I hope that this helps.  

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