Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ways to Extend Your Internet Wifi Signal in a Large House

I have a friend who asked me how to get his internet signal to the far parts of his house.

Here are some ways to have your network go to various parts of your house.

First, the internet signal comes into your house via DSL or cable internet modem. I alternate between the two. Once in your house, internet signal is internet signal. No difference.

From the modem, internet signal goes to a wifi router. This is what you have already. The wifi router has a switch, likely 4 ports that you can string Ethernet cables to various computers. But computers within your wifi range will just use wifi, not Ethernet.

Use (if your wires in the house are on the same circuit), what are called Ethernet over Power, or Powerline adapters to get the internet signal from one side of the house to another, if your house is large. For instance, we get our internet signal at the guest house in Crocker. Deanna's office is 100 yards away, in the main house. She cannot get a good wifi signal there. So I bought two POE adapters. I put one near the router, connected by an Ethernet cable. The other one is on an AC outlet in her room, and an Ethernet cable goes from the POE adapter to her computer. Very easy to set up. Some of the AC outlets in her room did NOT work. Some did.


I've seen these or similars sold for $25 each, $50 a pair.

Some POE adapters come with a switch so you can connect four devices to one POE adapter. You can also put a wifi router on the POE adapter to become a second wifi base station. Any router can do this but it can take a lot of hassle. I think that products called wifi bridges, repeaters, or access points do the same thing.

Wireless AP / Bridges / Repeaters

You can also get wifi range extenders. I have not tried these. You just plug these into an AC outlet that is far away, but within reach of your wifi signal, and it provides a strong signal from there.


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