Thursday, May 5, 2011

I am a fan of La Quinta and Hampton Inn hotels

I am a fan of La Quinta hotels, because of their friendly service and policy that allows dogs of any size at no additional charge. La Quinta is a truly pet-friendly hotel chain, as opposed to other hotels that advertise themselves as "pet-friendly" but then surprise you by allowing only dogs that are under 25 pounds. That's hardly truthful advertising.

Ever try to check into a hotel, and it takes the staff 30 minutes to get you into your room? I find that incredibly annoying, particularly since you've just spent 12 hours fighting your way through airports. You are tired. The better hotels already know you from your frequent guest program, and they check you in quickly.

Ever stand in line at a hotel while the clerk chats on the phone, or perhaps the clerk helps you, but then answers the phone while you are waiting? Find that incredibly rude and annoying? I have a story with a good ending for once. At the Lacey, WA La Quinta one evening, I arrived after a long drive. I had spoken on the phone to the clerk, who reserved a room for me. When I came through the door, she was on the phone, and I groaned inwardly, expecting another long wait to get my room key. Instead, she looked up, and handed me the key and the folio. I did not have to give her my drivers license, passport, birth certificate, fill out any form, etc. She had gotten all that information from my La Quinta Rewards information. Not only that, but this hotel had put out freshly baked cookies and chocolate-dipped strawberries for their guests! I was impressed.

I'm also a big fan of Hampton Inns, because the rooms are almost always in good shape (no mildewy shower curtains), the rooms are generally spacious and clean, and the staff is generally professional.

I've stayed in Motel 6 motels in the past for a couple of times, and they are generally what I call "suicide" rooms. Stay in a room like that, and you want to commit suicide.

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